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Global EV sales should reach just under 2.0m units in 2018

Posted on - 10 Jan 2019

Category - Data update

Global EV sales volumes rose to an all-time record 237.6K units in November, buoyed by exceptionally strong sales in China and a recovery in Europe and the US. Sales are now up 63% y/y YTD and are annualising at just over 1.9M units. Just shy of five million EVs have now been sold globally. Tesla Model 3 is still the model with the highest global market share, but second-place is very close between the Nissan Leaf and BAIC EC-Series. Among the manufacturers, Tesla’s barnstorming performance over recent months means that it is #1, with Chinese producer BYD a clear #2.

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BAIC BYD EVs Nissan Tesla