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Sodium-ion battery demand could hit 43GWh by 2030

Posted on - 14 Nov 2022

Category - News & Views

A report by BNEF suggests that demand for sodium-ion batteries could rise faster than most commentators expect. It suggests that sodium-ion battery manufacture could be up to 30% cheaper than LFP battery manufacture at the current time with current sodium-ion batteries having raw material costs of US$87/kWh vs LFP at US$124/kWh. Of course, this is utilising current prices for the sodium-ion (Prussian Blue analogue) supply chain, and we wonder whether this is indeed comparing apples with apples. If we had compared LFP raw material costs before LFP demand ramped up, pressuring the supply chain, we may have seen a similar...

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BNEF Cost ESS Forecasts LFP Sodium-ion