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What will the battery chemistry of the future look like? It’s going to be differentiated

Posted on - 13 Apr 2021

Category - Features

What future battery chemistries look like is important to determining what the demand environment will look like for particular materials. After the Volkswagen Power Day, we have a greater understanding of the direction in which battery chemistries are going. Like Tesla, Volkswagen (VW) looks to be pushing towards a nickel-manganese battery for mass-market but is also introducing LFP battery chemistry for entry-level models. But where is the split between entry level and mass market? That’s an important issue for materials demand outlooks. Geography is also likely to be an important consideration. What works in Europe and Asia which boast short...

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Anode Cathode Graphite LFP Lithium Manganese NCM Nickel NM Silicon Tesla Volkswagen